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Ottawa Indoor Air Quality Testing and Inspections (IAQ)

We Specialize in Indoor Air Quality Testing & Monitoring  in Ottawa

Mold Sampling & Inspections

Particulate Matter Assessments

Toxic Gas Analysis & Trending

Indoor Allergens

Odor Investigations

Volatile Organic Compounds-VOC

Formaldehyde Monitoring

Radon Measurement

CO2 & Ventilation

We tend to think of air pollution as an outdoor concern, but the truth is environmental pollutants in the air we breath are often dominated by indoor sources. We cannot see the contamination in the air because sources of IAQ problems are generally microscopic. Air contains small particles (particulates) : skin scales, pollen, mold spores, fabric fibers , smoke, soot, pet dander, insect body parts or droppings. Bioaerosols are those airborne particles that are living or originate from living organisms. Air flowing inside buildings have become much more important in recent decades because we're spending more time indoors and also modern homes and buildings are built airtight. These irritants or contaminants can't escape easily without proper ventilation systems. Controlling the environment in which we occupy can minimize the symptoms we may be suffering. We provide indoor air quality testing and healthy home inspections in Ottawa and surrounding areas.
Indoor air quality refers to the quality of air inside buildings where people work or live. Air quality can be a problem when mold or other microorganisms grow inside the building or in the heating and ventilation system or when there is inadequate fresh air ventilation, when chemicals are used in the building, when gas appliances malfunction, or when outdoor pollutants enter fresh air intakes. The air inside homes, offices, and other buildings may be polluted with irritants, allergens and even toxins and if you occupy such a contaminated space, your health may suffer.
Pollutants generated indoors can lead to a variety of symptoms and health conditions. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne particulate matter (PM), and combustion byproducts are known to trigger headaches, nausea, asthma, respiratory irritation and allergies. People with compromised immune systems, asthma, allergies and chemical sensitivities tend to be most vulnerable to indoor allergens and other pollutants.  The frequency of allergies and asthma is rising and indoor air and environmental problems are considered one possible explanation.
Controlling the environments where we live and work can minimize IAQ problems. We can provide a professional evaluation of the health of your home or building.
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Ottawa Mold Testing & Moisture Inspections

Indoor air quality testing and sampling for mould (mold) for home inspections and office building assessments in the greater Ottawa area. A non-invasive, non-destructive form of sampling which is often used in preliminary assessments as an indicator of hidden or unseen mold. It can reveal fungal allergens in the air and estimate occupant exposure
Many fungi produce irritants, allergens and some fungi produce toxins. Fungal growth in buildings is undesirable and may cause health problems for building occupants. The presence of mold in an HVAC system is a common complaint.  It can grow and proliferate and make building occupants sick without ever being seen. The fastest way to spread mold through a building is through a forced-air HVAC system.
Workers desire healthy and comfortable working conditions. When these conditions are not met, job satisfaction, productivity and health may be compromised. The reactions people have to air pollutants vary widely and depend on multiple factors including the concentration of the contaminant, the rate of intake and the duration of exposure. IAQ issues tend to be complex and should be properly assessed to identify problems and their solutions.
Gravelle Building Environments Inc. offers expertise with indoor air quality (IAQ) testing and assessments in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Air quality testing for home inspections and office building assessments. Mold and mildew testing. Testing measurement, and sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOC), TVOC, formaldehyde, particulates, musty odours, stuffiness, sewer gas, bacteria, radon and odours. Indoor allergen testing, carbon dioxide (CO₂), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), and sulfur dioxide (SO₂), nitric oxide (NO), ozone (O₃), ammonia (NH₃), and hydrogen sulfide (H₂S)

Mold and Moisture Detection

Hidden mould problems can be detected in areas behind walls or in ceilings. Pinless moisture meter & infrared scanning are used to locate hidden moisture 


Avoid conflict of interest and hire a consultant to evaluate your building who has no affiliation and financial interest in remediation or clean up work


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