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How Much Does Air Quality and Mold Testing  Cost?

Someone seeking a quotation for indoor air quality testing should be aware of the scope of work and types services to be performed prior to hiring a company.


Types of environmental contaminants, length of measurements and number of samples taken will vary significantly from company to company

Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

A standard IAQ Assessment 

Includes of measurements of:

•  Temperature     

•  Relative Humidity

•  Volatile Organic Compunds (TVOC)     

•  Carbon Dioxide (CO₂)        

•  Carbon Monoxide (CO)          

•  Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂)

•  Airborne Particulate PM₁₀ PM₂.₅

•  Formaldehyde (HCHO)

Laboratory and mold testing extra

Airborne Mould Testing:

Hourly Rate of $140/hour

(minimum 3 hours)

Mold Testing: $125 per sample

(minimum 4 samples)

​Contact us for inquires about other services including larger building assessments or other types of sampling services

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