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Some consulting companies will just simply forward the client any lab results from the inspection and avoid the time required to produce a professional report.  A report should include all the information gathered in the assessment such as observations and photos, measurements such as temperature, relative humidity, ventilation, pressurization and surface moisture. Sampling results, analysis of the data, interpretation, conclusions and recommendations. 

We can provide report generation, air quality monitoring & trending , graphs, air data logging and record keeping of the IAQ contaminants. Most clients request report with their indoor air quality assessment. Others seeking an affordable lower cost option can select a less detailed report.

There are several organizations which have published recommended guidelines for air quality such as the Health Canada, OSHA, EPA, WHO, ACGIH, NIOSH. Some of these general standards and guidelines can provide guidance on how to achieve acceptable IAQ levels. These limits may not be appropriate in office settings or for the home as they may be intended for industrial situations.

Although Health Canada considers that mould growth in residential buildings may pose a health hazard. In the absence of exposure limits, results from tests for the presence of fungi in air cannot be used to assess risks to the health of building occupants. There are methods of interpreting the data to determine the cleanliness of the area and certain types of can be water damage indicators and can help confirm a hidden mould problem

Canadian occupational health and safety legislation, states that an employer must provide a safe and healthy workplace. Thus, making sure the air is of good quality is the employer's duty.


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