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5 Star Rating 

Gravelle Building Environments Inc

132 Copperwood Street, Orleans ON, K1C 7S1
Review summary

5.0  7-Google reviews

Environmental consultant in Ottawa, Ontario

Abba: We contacted Justin for advice about our mould infested cottage. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. His advice over the phone was given freely, competently and graciously. We are grateful for his help and honest and informed advice.

Cynthia & Wayne Crosbie: We contacted Justin regarding a musty smell in the basement. He came and conducted an air quality test as well as measured the moisture in the walls and concrete floor. The air quality test came back indicating an elevated level of mold spores which are likely from the carpet installed on the concrete slab. We will replace the flooring and install the appropriate moisture barrier. I will certainly recommend Justin as he knows his stuff and was friendly, helpful and thorough in conducting the necessary tests.

Mark Outram: Justin performed an indoor air quality assessment in our home. Very thorough and professional. I highly recommend

Nathalie Lussier: Affordable, professional and knowledgeable. They have a variety of high tech devices and gadgets for home air quality testing. We checked the level of VOCs, formaldehyde and micro particles in the air. Also Justin performed some mold testing in basement. They don't do mold removal or remediation, so it's certainly unbiased and they didn't try to sell me anything.

Elena S: Justin performed a radon test of my home. As a mom of two young children, this test provided our family with piece of mind that our home is a safe environment to grow up in. Thankfully, our tests came back well under the "safe" standards and no further work was needed.

Justin was extremely professional and knowledgable and I would (and already have!) highly recommend Gravelle Building Environments.

Erin Maloney: We had this company perform a home air quality test, infrared scan, and moisture mapping in our basement to check for water damage and to test for mold in our basement. They were fantastic! I have already recommended their services to neighbors and friends.

Lucy Ladouceur: I absolutely recommend this Ottawa mold testing services company. They performed a post remediation verification assessment or clearance testing, to verify the air quality after the flooding and severe water damage clean-up was completed in our building. Prompt, professional and knowledgeable.

Joe BHEGANI: Justin performed a home air quality inspection and mould testing at my house while I was in the process of putting it on the market to sell. He was able to identify the areas of risk and concern and provided me with recommendations on how to fix the problems.

Justin was extremely professional and courteous and answered all of my questions. In the end, his recommendations helped me ensure that my house was inspection ready.

I would highly recommend Justin to anyone requiring similar services.

S C: Air quality test well worth it! Highly recommended for peace of mind!

Colin Doyle: I hired this company to check the air quality inside my home. Justin is honest and very knowledgeable and has a variety of high tech equipment to perform a thorough inspection. He tested for mold, radon, carbon monoxide, VOCs, particles and allergens. This really gave me a piece of mind.

Joe cerroni: We asked this company to perform indoor air quality and radon testing in our home. They are very professional and highly recommended.

Christina Harding: We are very pleased with the air quality and mold testing services from Gravelle Building Environments Inc. They examined our home for VOCs and mold, and found a high level of mold in some areas of the house. I highly recommend this company for air quality testing services.

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